Kolga Silver Bars

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99.9% Pure Silver
Easy to Divide
Easy to Store
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Kolga Silver Bars - Advanced Tech for Ancient Metal

The Security of Preparedness

Natural and man-made disasters can lead to emergency situations requiring a serious level of readiness at a local, regional, or national/global scope.

When the SHTF from sustained power outages, floods, hurricanes, civil unrest, economic depression, stock market crash, inflation, war, or whatever the cause, you'll want to be prepared for a temporary or extended failure of our banking systems in addition to food, shelter, and personal safety for you and your family. 

Having precious metals on hand is a good way to hedge against these situations when you're unable to access electronic assets and cash. Disaster preparedness plans should include a stockpile of small, easy to carry and barter with, precious metals.  

If you're a prepper thinking about stacking silver for your precious metals cache, then Kolga Silver Bars are perfect for your fiscal preparedness strategy. 

The Functionality of Practical Design


Kolga Silver Bars are designed from the start to meet the specific needs of practical preppers and survivalists - an investment with real functionality.

Easy to divide:
The patented design makes them easy to break apart and use in an emergency. Each laser-etched bar can divide into a range of readily identifiable smaller sizes.   

Easy to store:  
The bars are flat and rectangular and impervious to weather. They stack easily and their thin profile makes them easy to hide in any kind of box or container in or around the typical home. We'll even provide a free ammo box when you purchase the large multi-bar packs (10 or 50 bar multipacks). 

Easy to use:  
Each Kolga Silver Bar is laser etched with the silver purity and weight for each detachable portion.  Our patented design removes the guesswork from trading in high-stress situations. 

The Confidence of Pure Silver


Silver has been a valuable commodity for over 5000 years, finding its way into currency and jewelry around the world. Silver as a precious metal is a standard - widely recognized as a solid investment and easily converted into cash and other valuables for trading or bartering. 

Kolga Silver Bars are 99.9% Pure Silver:
When you have Kolga Silver Bars you don't need to have the expertise of a coin collector to know exactly how much silver you have. Each Kolga bar segment is laser etched with its purity and weight.  You'll know at a glance the weight and purity of every piece of Kolga silver you have on hand, making it easy to determine its value.  No more guesswork! 

    Kolga Silver Bars are durable and tangible:
Unlike paper money and other certificates, Kolga Silver Bars are able to survive whatever Mother Nature can dish out (flood waters, fire, wind, rain) and will still have tangible value even if there isn't a bank or government to place a value on it unlike paper currency.


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